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Fuze Glass Bottle with Removable Pure Copper Filter – 500 ML

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Colour  Black, Green, Blue,  Fluorescent Green
Material Borosilicate Glass, Copper
Capacity  500 Milliliters
Brand  Fuze

FUZE Borosilicate Glass Bottle with Seamless & Pure Copper filter is a Multi Use Bottle – First of its kind in the World. With its innovative filter design, you get all the goodness of copper clubbed with multiple health benefits. The filter is removable, making it easy to clean. This design is sleek and modern, adding a touch of sophistication to the day. The top and bottom cap are removable for deep cleaning and ease of use. The bottle comes with a stylish thick foam cover to be used when drinking hot water.

Available in 500ml & 700ml variants..

At FUZE – We aim to get people to DRINK DIFFERENTLY.

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Black, Blue, Fluorescent Green, Green, Red

12 reviews for Fuze Glass Bottle with Removable Pure Copper Filter – 500 ML

  1. Sirish

    Brilliant Design!
    Been using the bottle for over a month now. Brilliant design! Was searching for a substitute for a copper bottle which is portal and stylish for a long time. This product checks all the boxes.

  2. Navs

    Healthy and easy to maintain .. Awesome after sales service
    Looks just like the pic.. copper is so pure and easy to clean.. very good product.. and extra benefit of glass bottle.. Totally healthy.. !!
    Really appreciate after sales service of the seller.. they made sure M satisfied with the product and face no issues with it while using it..

  3. Manali D

    Think Differently, Drink Differently!
    Why I chose this product?
    1. Benefits of copper filter-prevents microbial contamination, and purifies water, naturally ionizes drinking water to help balance pH level, best thermal conductor, consumption of more purified water, helps in boosting immunity.
    2. The bottle comes with a holder-which is sturdy and of good quality.
    3. Welcome kit-includes all the essential information necessary for the customer-how to maintain, clean and use the bottle, benefits of using this multi-purpose borosilicate glass bottle with the pure copper filter (which can be easily removed and cleaned).
    4. The bottle is easy to carry, portable, sleek design and of very good quality.
    5. Authentic product.

    I am really enjoying using this amazing product. I highly recommend this investment.

  4. Ahmed

    Quality innovative product
    Really good quality.
    Love the concept of removable filter I see two big pros with this, easy to clean and hopefully in future if needed we can replace just the filter.
    Really recommend this product who wants to try out the benifits of copper bottles.

  5. Vidhya

    Benefits of Copper with Cleanliness of Glass!
    Was looking for a copper container that is easy to clean for quite some time. Think this is the solution. Great product, more colour and design option on the outer holder would be good.

  6. Karishma George

    Stylish, durable and packs a punch!
    The bottle exceeds my expectations in design and function. Go for it without second thought! The copper insert is removable and thus, the bottle can be used both ways. It’s the best blend of our ancient Ayurvedic principles of drinking copper infused water for health and modern ergonomic design.

  7. ananya

    A must too have bottle in your yoga/gym/workout routine
    Super easy to use and added benefits of copper
    what an innovative product comes in style and health leak proof.

  8. Sai

    Unique Innovation!!. The only glass copper bottle in the market I surveyed a lot is the best.. don’t waste time on any other brand of copper bottles … Trust me it is the best ever.

  9. Rudra

    The bottle is very simple and sober which I like on a copper bottle and it doesn’t leaks badly

  10. Ahmed

    Very well packed and copper bottle is really awesome

  11. Veer

    I have been using this bottle for quite some time now. I am fully satisfied with the quality of the item.

  12. Atharv

    Excellent quality. Real Cooper. Just be careful not to drop it.

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